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In the Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’, Puberty Is a Literal Monster

And it wants to ruin every 12-year-old's life.

Puberty is a nightmare. The cocktail of new hormones transforms kids into moody, angst-fueled beings. Comedian Nick Kroll is using this painfully awkward period in life as the inspiration for Big Mouth, his new animated show that will premiere on Netflix on September 29. Big Mouth doesn’t just feature puberty as an experience, it reimagines it as a literal monster that takes devilish delight in screwing up innocent kids’ lives.

The newest trailer for the upcoming show highlights the show’s dark, absurdist humor and the star-studded cast that includes John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Maya Rudolph, and Fred Armisen.

Kroll stars as Nick, an average kid who suddenly finds himself at the mercy of the Hormone Monster (also voiced by Kroll). In the opening scene, the Hormone Monster appears at Nick’s house during a sleepover to give Nick’s friend Andrew (voiced by Mulaney) a nocturnal emission. While Kroll’s Hormone Monster terrorizes young boys, the Hormone Monstress (voiced by Rudolph) brings her own brand of mischief to young girls.

The show promises to explore the different, but equally weird ways that puberty affects girls and boys, Nick’s classmate Jessi (voiced by Klein) notes that, for boys, puberty is “the miracle of ejaculation” while girls are left feeling like “a yarn-ball of aching tubes.”.

Needless to say, this show is not for kids; it’s for adults who can look back on that time of their lives and laugh at the preposterousness of it all — and who appreciate lots and lots of jokes about semen, periods, and pillow-humping.