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Tom Hardy Read A Bedtime Story On A British Kids Show And Charmed The Entire Internet

From breaking Batman’s back, to surviving a post-apocalyptic road trip while barely uttering a word, there’s no doubt Tom Hardy is a real man’s man. And like any true manly man, Hardy’s not afraid to show off his sensitive side, as demonstrated by his recent appearance on the BBC kids show CBeebies Bedtime Stories. The popular British actor read You Must Bring A Hat, written by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley. The story is about a boy who is invited to a birthday party with only one rule: To be allowed in, you must be wearing a hat. Simple plot, but Hardy’s 5-minutes of gravely, baritone narration is more charming than Bane doing storytime at the Gotham Public Library.

Hardy pulls out all the “Awwww” weapons in his arsenal. His dog, Woody, rests on his lap while wearing a top hat. He surrounds himself with stuffed animals wearing hats — in case your kid didn’t get the title. And, of course, the Oscar nominee does all the characters voices with such conviction, even LeVar Burton would give a rainbow stamp of approval.

His version of the story has been a hit for obvious reasons. Kids loved it. The Internet really loved it. So tonight, instead of reading Goodnight Moon for the hundredth time, show your kid what a picture book can be in the hands of a trained thespian. Although, your wife has probably shown it to them already. After all, she did say before you got married that a handsome British actor with a tiny dog was on her “list.”