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Tom Hardy Read Another Bedtime Story On A British Kids Show And UK Moms Freaked Out

It’s easy to think of the real Tom Hardy as a tough guy. The man played supervillain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Max in Mad Max Fury Road, and the vengeance-seeking James Delaney on Taboo. It’s a bit harder to think of him as a bedtime storyteller. But the actor is building a solid foundation for a future in children’s programming.

For the second time this year, Hardy joined the BBC kid’s show, CBeebies Bedtime Stories.  Surrounded by stuffed animals, soft lighting, and pillows, he read a classic bedtime story “There’s a Bear on My Chair” by Ross Collins. Watch the clip below, complete with Hardy in a Mr. Rogers-like knitted cardigan.

Hardy read his story on the BBC yesterday in honor of United Kingdom’s Mother’s Day and, fittingly, moms across the UK melted on the Internet. If you want to hear him read the full story to your kid’s (or give your spouse a treat) it’ll be a bit trickier: Only those in the UK can watch the entire video. Still, you can play the clip above and pick up where he left off, telling everyone you once subbed in for Tom Hardy.