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Tom Hanks Rumored to Play Geppetto in Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’ Movie

Hanks might be wishing upon a star soon.

Rumors have been swirling that Tom Hanks might sign on to play master toymaker, Geppetto, in the live-action Pinocchio. Collider originally reported that Hanks was being “eyed” for the role. In the original 1940 animated Pinocchio, Geppetto was a widower who desperately wanted a son, so much so that he made one out of wood. Hanks would be perfect for this kindly and protective father character. He’s called America’s dad for a reason.

Hanks is currently working on in an untitled Mister Rogers biopic and playing the iconic children’s television host. He’s also a Disney alum. He’s already played Walt Disney himself in Saving Mr. Banks and voiced Woody in all of the Toy Story movies. Disney will no doubt be trying their best to get Hanks into this movie.

No one knows much about the film yet, but Paddington director Paul King has signed on to helm Pinocchio. Disney has been trying to make this film happen since 2015, so it seems like it’s finally starting to move forward. Pinocchio is one of the many animated films that Disney is remaking as “live-action” films.

Unlike the upcoming Aladdin and The Lion King, Pinocchio might have some competition. About a month ago, Guillermo Del Toro and Netflix announced that Del Toro would be making a stop-motion and musical Pinocchio. It’s going to be wildly different from whatever Disney releases. Geppetto is actually an “uncaring father” in Del Toro’s version.

We prefer to see Hanks as the caring dad, so at least he’s being recruited by Disney and not Netflix.