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This Guy Built The Backyard Mini Golf Course You’ve Always Dreamed Of Building

If you’re looking for a round of golf and happen to be in Los Angeles at the time, consider detouring from the country club to an unassuming home in Van Nuys, behind which lies Golfkon. This 7,000 square-foot, handmade 9-hole mini golf course is the brainchild of one Adam Kontras (more on him in a minute), and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

What started as a playground for Kontras’ kids now mostly hosts charity events for overgrown ones, and is highlighted by “Golf To The Future.” The Back To The Future-themed seventh green is complete with a clock tower and 2 replica DeLoreans, one of which is a functioning recreation of Doc Brown’s time machine. For $200, Kontras will turn the thing into an Uber and come pick you up.

Which brings us back to Kontras himself. If you’re less a fan of putting holes than internet rabbit holes, you should spend those would-be golfing hours perusing his various web homes.

[youtube expand=1]

You’ll learn more than anyone needs to about Golfkon (including how to book it), his self-proclaimed longest-running vlog on the web, and yes, his time machine rental business. Either way, remember, where you’re going, you don’t need a driver.

[youtube expand=1]