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The Unicorn Of Waterslides Is About To Be Built In New Jersey

The Cannonball Loop, an iconically unsafe water slide with a full vertical loop will be resurrected in just over a year at New Jersey’s Action Park. Dubbed “Sky Caliber,” the 90-foot monstrosity plunges riders into 45 feet of freefall before rocketing them through a 30-foot loop at speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. It’s a fitting tribute to the original, which operated for all of one month in the summer of 1985 before being shut down when officials realized it was about as safe as sending kids down an Olympic Luge track on lunch trays.

The Cannonball Loop nevertheless achieved mythic status throughout New Jersey as the kind of amusement park ride that separated the brave from the sane, so Sky Caliber has big swim trunks to fill. The fact that riders will tackle it from the relative safety of roller coaster-inspired aluminum pods might limit the carnage at, but probably not the draw to, a place known to it’s biggest fans as “Traction Park.”

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