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The Surprising Family Music Habits Of Superstar DJ Laidback Luke

Family Albums, produced with our partners at Spotify, features influential musicians revealing the songs that they rely on to get their own kids dancing, sleeping, and as fired up about music as they are.

Laidback Luke is a Dutch EDM superstar who, along with his wife DJ Gina Turner, brought a new roadie on tour with them for this summer’s festival circuit: their one-year-old daughter. Luke also has 2 sons, ages 14 and 12, but he admits that his kids fend for themselves a bit when it comes to music — like a lot of dads, he tends to leave his work at the office. But that doesn’t mean being his kid doesn’t have its perks; he might not introduce them to their new favorite music, but he does introduce them to their new favorite musicians.

On His Kids’ First Song
I can’t say I remember, but I do remember the song that was stuck in my head when my first was born — “Too Young,” by Phoenix. I was 24 at the time, and I felt too young. But this song, it helped me out.

On Songs For Putting Kids To Sleep
With the newborn, we had a lot of CDs by Rockabye Baby! We listened to a lot of the hip hop songs as sleeping music — I think it was Gold Digger. I also might have played some stuff by Air — I was really into that Frenchy new disco vibe.

Laidback Luke Music For Kids

On Music That Gets His Kids Dancing
My daughter grew up with electronic music, because my wife is a DJ as well and she performed up until she was 8 months pregnant. The result is a baby who likes techno. The first time she started dancing, I was making a track in a hotel room and took my headphones off so my wife could hear, and out of nowhere my daughter just started wobbling. She’s walking now, and she loves dancing to typical EDM stuff. I have this one video of her dancing to the Calvin Harris song with R3hab. I don’t own it, so we must have been in a store, but she loves when it comes on. She instantly dances to it.

On Generational Differences In His Kids’ Tastes
My sons aren’t as [into] EDM as my daughter is. My older son, he had a Michael Jackson era when he was 5, he was obsessed. He loves Skrillex, and Skrillex is a good friend of ours, so he got to meet him and take a picture. My younger son is very much into Afrojack, I introduced them, as well. My youngest is tapped into my [music], so he’s updated, but my oldest still listens to dub step. I told him, he’s getting older and should really be listening to trap, but he’s not interested.

On What’s Playing Around The House
I was talking to my kung fu teacher about what people expect his house to look like — people expect all kinds of Chinese weapons on the wall, but his house is plain white. It’s similar, at home we’re not doing that much with music. Everything else is music; there are so many songs and performances. I don’t have music on in the car, for instance, unless it’s my own track and I need to test it out. One thing we do listen to is a lot of J Dilla instrumentals and Tribe Called Quest, that type of stuff.

On Having Young Kids On Tour
We brought my daughter to WMC this year, where my wife played a set, and we had her with ear protection on, in the pool. She was twerking in the pool. We keep it in the parent zone, everything’s friendly. I did have her backstage a few months ago, and she was weirded out by this drunk guy who was talking to her and dancing. It was good, he was just being friendly, but we do try to be responsible.