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The Logistics Of Planning A Weekend Away From The Kids

If you need a detailed explanation of why it’s important to take time with your partner away from the kids, then you’re probably not going to have a partner much longer. For everyone else, the question isn’t “why?” but “how?” Obviously, grandparents nearby are the trump card, but absent that, consider striking deals with friends who have similarly aged kids – they take your kid for the weekend, you take theirs in return. Then, divide and conquer: one of you is responsible for all the kid-related preparation, the other handles all planes, trains, hotels, dinner reservations, shows and whatever else you two consider standard holiday procedure. And if departure is a hot mess of crying and guilt, just focus on one of those adult activities – or just the hotel bed – you have planned to keep your cool. Come to think of it, maybe just focus on adult activities in the hotel bed.