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Teach Your Kid Every Way To Acknowledge Your Awesomeness With This Illustrated Guide To High Fives

Next in the grand tradition of awesome illustrated guides to awesome stuff like pizza and recess comes an immersive study of the most awesome way to celebrate all things awesome: the high 5. If you were less excited for your kid’s first steps or words than you were for their first teeny tiny little dap — and admit it, you were — then get your hands on The High Five Handbook. Well, one hand at least. You’re gonna need to keep one free for all that 5-slappin’.


Simply put, the book is a guide to what Seinfeld once referred to as “The lowest form of male primate ritual,” which is not only callous but completely untrue. The High Five Handbook disproves that theory by progressing through every form of hand-to-hand human interaction, with engaging how-to illustrations for all of them. From basic (Chapter 1: Hands & Signs) to pleasant (Chapter 2: Civilities & Shakes) to intimate (Chapter 3: Hugs & Kisses) to stylish (Chapter 4: Bumps & Daps) to, simply, slaps (Chapter 5: Low & High Fives). Very nice!

The High Five Handbook

The authors, the anonymous high 5 illuminati known as the Hand & Knuckle Society, have also included the origin stories behind your favorite moves and advice on which shakes to use in particular situations to avoid ever leaving someone hanging. No one’s judging you, though, if you skip all that stuff and get straight to work inventing your family’s new secret handshake so you can turn coming home from work every night into pregame at the NBA Finals.

The High Five Handbook by The Hand & Knuckle Sciety ($16)