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A Year’s Worth Of  Self-Affirming, Intergalactic-Traveling, World-Wrestling, Award-Winning Books For Your Kid

If you’re like most guys, you probably get home with just enough time to eat your big piece of chicken and read the kid a book before they (hopefully) turn down for the night. So you only have as many chances as there are nights in the year to find the perfect story and make the most of those precious moments — technically less once the kid determines their favorite and demands to have it repeated. Every. Single. Night. This list constitutes the most self-affirming, diversity-embracing, STEM-focused, awe-inspiring, imagination-sparking, tea-partying, intergalactic-journeying, world-wrestling, Caldecott-winning books Fatherly uncovered this year. They weren’t all published in 2015, but chances are they’re new to you. That means they’re new to your kid, which hopefully means your bedtime ritual is about to be a little more interesting.

The Journey TrilogyBecause a 2015 list without any reference to STEM education would be totally invalid, say, “Hello” to the most funded children’s book ever on Kickstarter. The story sees Ruby befriending anthropomorphized programming languages in her quest to find 5 hidden gems and introduces coding basics through storytelling and activities, and will teach your kids to speak code the same way your parents wanted you to speak Spanish.
Hello Ruby: Adventures In Coding by Linda Liukas ($13)
Ages: 4-8