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The 5 Best Domestic Airlines For Traveling With Tiny, Squirmy Little People

You will never escape the 10th circle of hell that is modern airline travel with kids — but you can make it more tolerable. Below are 5 major airlines, ranked and rated by their family-friendly amenities, from diaper-changing tables in the lavs (because the Mile High Club is no longer taking your membership card), to free stroller checking, to kid entertainment and meal options.

The 5 Best Domestic Airlines For Families

JetBlue is the winner, offering (mostly) free checked bags, zero lap fees for infants, pre-boarding with kids and all the Terra Blue chips you can eat. The runner up is Virgin America, which makes more of an effort to pamper your children with their own dining options, but will still make you pay for cramming the whole nursery into the cargo hold. Honorable mention: Southwest, who don’t offer anything much in the way of fee-less travel, but at least they won’t charge you to change your ticket when your baby gets sick the night before you’re supposed to fly out.