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The 10 Best Dad Instagrams of the Week

From celebrities to foodies, here are 10 dads who absolutely killed it on the 'Gram this week.

Fatherhood can be an isolating experience but thanks to the power of the internet, dads across the world can connect in ways that were never possible before. Case in point: Instagram. The photo-sharing app has become an essential facet of the modern parenting experience, helping dads everywhere laugh and feel moved by the same images, videos, and, of course, memes. Because fatherhood is an experience worth sharing and rad dads are people worth celebrating.

And whether you are a brand new dad or a seasoned veteran in the parenting game, it always helps to get to see all of the hilarious, badass, and generally awesome dudes do their dad thing. Which is why, each week, Fatherly pays tribute to some of the best dad moments that were captured on Instagram. From celebrities to foodies, here are 10 dope as hell dads who absolutely killed it on the ‘Gram this week. Enjoy.

We Are the Champions

Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez got to celebrate a World Series Championship with wife and two kids. Does it get any cooler than that?

Are We There Yet?

This dope as hell video will make you want to get in the car and head to Utah as soon as possible.

Nailed It

Johnson’s daughter has a new favorite hobby: painting her dad’s nails when he’s supposed to be getting ready for the day.

Dad, Daughter, and Mother Nature

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Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you’re doing? . As I was getting Ava ready for nursery yesterday, I took the iPad away from her. We’ve realised she’s spending too long on it so we are doing our best to minimise screen time. I think this was the trigger… . She refused to go into the car so I had to carry her in. The whole journey she was hysterics. Again, due to her refusal, I tried to carry her into nursery but she just got worse. So after rolling in the puddles outside, we got in and the staff were concerned. Ava was pushing everyone away and was just calling for mummy. I didn’t know what to do but to call mum for support. The minute she got in, Ava calmed down, settled in and was ok. I know it’s silly to think but I just felt like I was ‘the dad who didn’t know what he was doing’. I also didn’t like that she favoured her mummy over me. . I know I’m reading too much into it and children’s favourites change from day to day but I felt a little useless and lost throughout that whole experience. I’m not gonna lie, I felt like bursting into tears. Jeez I’m getting sensitive in my old age!! . Anyways I just wanted to get this off my chest as parenting isn’t always smiles and cuddles. Sometimes it pushes you right up to the edge and only with the support of others does it stop you falling off. She’s absolutely fine now and is off to nursery while I recover from this bug I have in bed. Happy… Wednesday?! ???? #terribletwos #parentingainteasy

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Summer may be gone but fall isn’t so bad.

Funny Faces

Looks like Gaffigan’s kids have inherited their dad’s goofy sense of humor.

Fresh to Death

He may only be six but Ellington Curtis has already lapped all of us in terms of fashion.

Blue Ribbon Parenting

Wahlberg doesn’t just use his Instagram to show off his rockin’ dad bod, he also likes to brag about his kids.

Band Practice

We can’t wait to hear their first album drop on Soundcloud.

Patch Passion

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Pumpkin Patch w/ the Fam Bam… #Nico #Gigi #FamiliaLopez

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Another day, another adorable trip to the pumpkin patch.

Stroller Wars

This crew rolls deep.