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‘Tell Me a Tattoo Story’ Is A Picture Book For Dads With A Lot Of Ink

One of the biggest advantages of being a dad with tattoos ⏤ other than that you don’t need to wear a military-styled baby carrier to look tough ⏤ is that you’re never without a picture book to read your kid. You’re wearing one. But since you can only regale Junior so many times about how you got that Martini glass full of dice at a bachelor party in Vegas, there’s Tell Me A Tattoo Story: A kids book that focuses on someone else’s ink.
The premise of this 32-page “modern father-son love story” from Alison McGhee and New York Times bestselling illustrator Eliza Wheeler is probably pretty familiar, at least if you have tattoos: a kid asks about daddy’s ink, and dad obliges with the story behind each tattoo. In the process, the two bond as they walk through the highlights of his father’s life ⏤ covering everything from the winged dragon in his favorite childhood book, to his military service overseas, to how he met the boy’s mother at a cafe. It’s a breezy, beautifully-illustrated tale.

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