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Rapunzel’s Back In The New Trailer For ‘Tangled Before Ever After’

As far as Disney princesses go, Rapunzel may not be as chill as Elsa, or throwing shakas like Moana, but if your kids are into mythological heroines they’ll be very interested in this news. The Disney Channel is following up their 2010 hit Tangled Ever After with a new made-for-TV movie, Tangled: Before Ever After.

All you really need to know is that the new movie takes place right after the original film, before the short sequel, Tangled Ever After, and is a precursor to the upcoming Disney Channel cartoon, Tangled: The Series. There, you were just spared an eye-roll from your 4-year-old.

And while your preschooler may not care about the A-list cast, you might. Mandy Moore is once again the voice of Rapunzel. Zachary Levi is Eugene. But before you run to IMDb saying, “I know that voice …” here’s a quick rundown of the recognizable stars: roastmaster Jeff Ross is Hook Foot, Paul F. Tompkins is Shorty, Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks is Quirin, and Arrested Development‘s (or Transparent … or Larry Sanders Show if you want to get old school) Jeffrey Tambor is Big Nose.


Judging from this short trailer, the newest Tangled tale will be as wholesome for your preschooler to watch as the previous flicks. And if you have a daughter whose hair seems to grow at a magical rate and causes chaos in your vacuum cleaner, this is super relatable. Just expect that you’ll be hearing more about Rapunzel and less about Sophia The First this spring.

Premieres March 13 on The Disney Channel.