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Australians Rally to Unite Lost Toy Bunny With Its Owner

Twitter / Andrew Parker

A child in Sydney accidentally left their toy bunny behind on the train and now Australians are taking to the internet to try and unite the poor, lost bunny with its owner. It all began this morning when passenger Andrew Parker noticed the bunny was all alone on the train at Wynard Station in Central Sydney. Parker snapped a photo of “Sad Bunny” and tweeted it out, asking if anyone could help reuniting the stuffed animal with the child who accidentally dropped it. The world of Twitter quickly rallied behind #sadbunny, and before too long, the official Twitter account for Sydney Trains had taken notice.

The Sydney Trains account retweeted Parker’s photo, asking “Do you know this bunny?” The account then asked Parker which train line the sad bunny was on, and Parker responded with a photo of the carriage number and was asked if he could get the bunny to a Sydney Trains staff member. Parker handed sad bunny to the Sydney Trains staff, who tweeted that the bunny’s owner had been found and they were currently arranging “a cuddle filled reunion” for the two. Looks like #sadbunny will soon be transformed into #happybunny thanks to the power of the internet.

The speed of this reunion is pretty remarkable, especially considering the increased usage of public transportation over the last few years. Syndey is Australia’s largest city with a population of five million, and over 72 million public transportations trips were taken in 2016. But no population is too large for the power of Twitter, and one train rider will soon get to once again enjoy the loving embrace of their beloved stuffed rabbit.