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The Solution To Conflict At A Crazy Diverse Middle School? Drop A Beat

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Spotify.

In between toting your kid to sets from Red Yarn and The Not-Its! and generally having the ultimate Dad By Southwest experience, you probably took in a show at the Spotify House (or at least saw the line outside). For the past 5 years, the house has been part venue, part brand experience. This year, it became part middle school music production studio. Literally.

In a partnership called Here To Stay, following SXSW Spotify sent sound technology and physical building materials from its dismantled House to Austin’s Kealing Middle School to build the facility. Kealing was chosen for its diverse student body — half of its 1,200 kids are high academic performers from all over the city enrolled in a magnet program while half are kids from the neighborhood, 64 percent of whom qualify for subsidized lunch.

Here To Stay is a manifestation of the many studies proving that music education has a positive impact on reading and math skills, and increases students’ sense of well-being and social capital, even with their teachers and parents. By making music together in the studio, Kealing students collaborate with peers of different backgrounds, gain confidence and independence in their other classes, and, to paraphrase one of their many musical idols your dad dance moves can’t handle, do dope shit. Watch the project in action.