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The New Super Smash Bros. Needs New Characters for Kids

Nintendo is coming out with a new version of the classic for Switch. No word yet on the cast.

At the end of its mostly-lackluster Direct press event on Thursday, Nintendo dropped their biggest bomb of 2018: Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Switch and it’s coming this year. As always happens whenever there’s any bit of Smash news, the internet promptly lost its mind. Would it be a port of Super Smash Bros 4 for the Wii U, or a brand-new game? Is that Breath of the Wild-era Link in the teaser? Will the Ice Climbers come back? Of all the questions asked by fervent fans, many of whom play with family members, none were more pressing than this: Who are the new smash bros?

From Mario universe regulars that somehow aren’t in Smash yet, to other classic heroes and villains of Nintendo days past, the suggestions for new fighters came fast and heavy Thursday night and into Friday. Parents likely to wind up playing the game with their kids gritted their teeth, knowing that there would be more Pokemon. While the Smash roster could benefit from even more new additions, these seven would make it a notably better game for families. 


This is a no-brainer. Mario, Wario, and Luigi are all in Smash already, so why not include everyone’s favorite meme as well? The lanky Waluigi is hilarious enough on his own, but having him jump into the battlefield would create for some iconic “waaaaahh” noises at every tournament. While he may not have the raw power of his shorter brother Wario, Waluigi should have some underhanded tricks in Smash to get him to the top of the pile. All hail our mustachioed supervillain.

Crash Bandicoot

With the announcement that the N. Sane trilogy is heading to the Switch this year, it feels like the appropriate time to bring Crash Bandicoot into the fray. Not only is Crash one of the most beloved characters in video game history, he would also complete the holy trinity of platformer characters, joining Mario and Sonic in Smash. All those schoolyard arguments that people had as kids about which was better can finally be solved in the best way: by seeing who beats the crap out of who the best.

White Bomberman

How is Bomberman not in Smash yet? Well, like most things in video games, it’s all behind-the-scenes drama (the short version: the studio that developed the series, Hudson Soft, has been defunct since 2012). However, if Nintendo can get Crash on Switch, it can do anything, and so maybe a deal with Konami – Hudson’s parent company – will allow everyone’s favorite explosives fanatic into Smash. His moveset seems pretty self-explanatory: He’d blow shit up. Fans have been craving Bomberman for years, and the Switch version might just be the one to fulfill that desire.

Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask

While most Legend of Zelda fans point to Ocarina of Time as the pinnacle of the series on Nintendo 64, its follow-up might be even more passionately loved. Majora’s Mask was a dark and disturbing game, and at its villainous center was the lost and insane Skull Kid, whose main mission was to bring the moon crashing down on the world. As Link fought through temples and turned back time to stop him, Skull Kid just laughed and laughed, wearing the creepy titular mask to boot. The final fight might have disappointed those who over-prepared, but it still displays powers that would make Skull Kid a formidable adversary for Smash. In fact, Skull Kid has already appeared in Smash, as an Assist Trophy in Sm4sh. While his powers there (flipping the camera, or controller inputs) would be game-breaking in a full character, the idea of trickery could play into his moveset. Summoning doubles, shooting projections at enemies, and even freezing opponents with Majora’s stare could all come into play.

Crono from Chrono Trigger

Not only is Chrono Trigger one of the best games of all time – even if the PC port that was just released is hot garbage – but Crono fits the theme of Smash perfectly. Wielding deadly katanas and technology skills that would give him some ranged versatile, the silent redhead would slide in next to the Fire Emblem characters that already in the game. However, if Nintendo wanted to make him unique, they could incorporate the time travel that features centrally in Chrono Trigger; maybe he could use it to heal damage by reverting back in time, or even use it to move his body backwards, similarly to Tracer in Overwatch.

Dark Samus

While a simple re-skin feels like a copout, there’s an exception to be made for Dark Samus. The main antagonist of Metroid Prime 3, Dark Samus is the famous bounty hunter’s evil doppelganger. As part of the Smash universe, Samus has been a staple since the first installment on N64, but Dark Samus would take its counterpart’s moves and warp them towards more powerful and more unstable versions. Using Phazon energy, Dark Samus could unleash screen-filling Charge Beams, as well as regenerating life, and employing strong defensive tactics. And because this is still a game for kids, there’s even a possible humorous irony from her inclusion: while Dark Samus has been considered one of the most powerful beings in the Metroid universe, it sure would be funny to beat her to a pulp with Jigglypuff.

Gengar from Pokémon

Picking a Pokémon to include in a Smash game is a tricky balancing act; while Pikachu and Jigglypuff have been in from the start, any additions that have come from the series have to be balanced both in a fighting sense and within the Pokémon universe. Case in point: in Super Smash Bros: Brawl, a Pokémon Trainer was added that fought with three monsters (Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle), seemingly fulfilling the need for any additional ‘mons. However, Gengar could stand on its own, and shine at that. There has never been a ghost-type Pokémon in the Smash universe, and there’s no more iconic ghost than Gengar. Beyond going ethereal to avoid attacks, Gengar can also utilize its poison typing to inflict continuous damage on its foes, and it can do it all with a creepy-ass grin on its face. Given the popularity of the Pokémon anime worldwide, adding one of the more famous Gen 1 monsters feels like a no-brainer. Plus, he’s already in Pokken Tournament, so we know he’d work in a fighting game context.