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NASA Engineer Discovers Best Way To Yell At A Sporting Event


This Sunday, you and approximately 100 million other red-blooded, beer-guzzling Americans will congregate on couches from sea to shining sea to watch the Big Game (or, as Stephen Colbert calls it: The Superb Owl). For your kids, it’s a fun-filled day of insane nachos recipes, halftime antics (long live Left Shark!), and endless Peyton Manning commercials. But as a die-hard fan, you know it’s your duty to remain glued to your Lazy-Boy and slowly lose your voice yelling at every dropped pass and missed call (your wife says screaming at your TV is pointless, but surely the football gods will reward such devotion).

Still, you can’t help but wonder: Is there a way to maximize your volume to make sure your yelling rises above the rest? Former NASA engineer and expert window defogger, Mark Rober set out to discover which cheer is truly the loudest by using the power of science.

For his experiment, Rober visited an empty LA Coliseum and had 3 fans try out 8 different cheers from 12 different seating areas in the stadium. To try to discover which cheer is truly most effective, Rober was able to record the results of the cheers from the field and came back with some surprising discoveries. The biggest takeaway? Avoid clapping, as it was by far the least effective noisemaker, and you might not want to invest in those thunder sticks either. The top 2 spots were filled by the air horn and something called a super kazoo, but it’s unlikely your wife is going to let you use either of those in the house.

So whether you are actually at the game or simply enjoying the action from home like the rest of us, your best bet for being your loudest and proudest self is to stick with good old fashioned screaming. Will you be left with an annoyed wife and embarrassed kids? Sure, but that’s a risk you’re willing to take. Plus, starting Monday you have 7 football-free months to make it up to them.