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Watch The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Spend A Christmas With Charlie Brown

If you’ve binged through your kid’s Halloween candy like you binged through Stranger Things, filmmakers Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez have the Holiday Peanuts parody for you: Merry Christmas Will Byers. Because the fact Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year already makes you feel like you’re in a parallel dimension. Also, the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas has a way of turning you into a real Barb, and “no, you will not chill.”

The clip follows Will Byers attempt to make sense of life after being saved from the Upside Down (you should have seen it by now). Eleven becomes Lucy, who serves up advice for 5 cents (and likely frozen waffles). Although it would’ve made more sense to cast El as Snoopy — because she barely talks. Instead the Demogorgon doubles as Snoopy, and becomes surprisingly adorable as a cartoon dog.


In the end Will learns a lesson not too different from Charlie Brown. Sure, he has crippling anxiety resulting from a weirdo swamp universe. But he also has a lot of people that care about him. Let that be a lesson to you and your kid this Holiday season: when you’ve got creepy friends to dance to creepier music with, you’ve got it all. Except A Charlie Brown Christmas on Netflix.

[H/T] The Hollywood Reporter