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This YouTube Channel Turns Kids’ Fears and Frustrations Into Awesome Animated Stories

Being a kid is weird. You’re navigating everything for the first time: friendships, fights, freaky growth spurts. And while exciting, it can also be incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to expressing your unease without feeling judged. That’s where Storybooth comes in. The new YouTube channel allows kids to express their feelings without fear of judgment. Kids record themsevles discussing what’s worrying them — everything from silly day-to-day silly stories to stresses about social media to struggles with bullying or death. Then, producers, after okays from parents and children, is uploaded and animated into a video. It’s a great idea — and one that provides a safe haven in the often treacherous world of social media. Even if you don’t want your kids to upload, the videoes are worth watching with your kids.

Storybooth makes their videos by asking kids to record their stories and then submit the audio. Once a submission is chosen, producers reach out to child’s parents and have them sign a release form. Before any video is officially released, they also make sure to get the okay from the child, too. Once that process is complete and everyone signs off, the Storybooth team brings the recording to life via animation.

Some videos highlight silly, embarrassing stories while others focus on more serious topics, such as one girl’s story of being harassed at school for wearing a hijab and a boy watching his mom get arrested. The channel also sheds light on issues that are considered too mature for kids — like abusive relationships and mental illness — and shows that many of these issues affect kids just as much as adults. Serious or silly, each story has something relatable to it. And, regardless of themes, the stories all act to cobble together a multilayered collage of what it’s like to be a modern kid.

That message has clearly resonated with viewers, as Storybooth has received over 78 million views since it began releasing videos in May of last year. And with approximately 38,000 stories submitted, it looks like Storybooth has a healthy future ahead of it.