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This Steph Curry Perfect Game Video Reminds Us That Some Things Work

Maybe we could all learn something from Curry's incredible season.

Steph Curry is not just good a good three-point shooter;  he’s the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history. And after missing the majority of last season due to a broken hand, Curry is back in full form, delivering a spectacular season that is every bit as impressive as his back-to-back MVP seasons.

Curry has been dominant all year, averaging over 30 points a game while making 43% of his three-pointers and 93% of his free throws. But Curry managed to take his already impressive season to a whole other level back in January when he scored a career-high 62 points in the Golden State Warriors’ 137-122 win over the Portland Trailblazers. The Baby-Faced Assassin was firing on all possible cylinders, hitting 8 of 16 threes and making 18 of 19 free throws in only 36 minutes.

But merely listing the stats does not fully do Curry’s unbelievable performance justice, as the only way to truly appreciate Curry’s one-of-a-kind greatness is to watch him casually hitting shot after shot. So here is the video so you can do that right now.

After the game, Curry spoke about how his confidence in himself, saying that whether or not his shots are falling, he continues to believe in himself as a shooter.

“I don’t get frazzled too easily and am very confident in who I am as a person,” Curry said. “As a basketball player, there’s not going to be anything you can say about me or to me that’s going to affect that.”

Of course, having that kind of confidence may seem simple when you are as good at something as Curry is at shooting but the fact is, he never would have been able to figure out how good he was if he had doubted himself and his abilities. So appreciate the majesty of Curry’s game and maybe even let it inspire you to have a little extra confidence. You may not be the greatest shooter in NBA history but you could find you’re the Steph Curry of making a grilled cheese or mowing the lawn.