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Steph Curry Breaks Social Media Silence to Be a Great Husband

There’s always time to be a good husband. Steph Curry, father of adorable press conference crasher Riley, vowed to take a break from social media to focus on the NBA Playoffs, but the Golden Boy hopped on Instagram and posted his first Live video this week to cook dinner for his wife, Ayesha. Looks like Curry is the MVP of husbands too.

Curry and the Warriors are a few days away from their first Western Conference Finals game against the Spurs, so he had enough time to show off his cooking skills. And he goes all out in the nearly 40-minute video, channeling his inner Emeril by shouting  “Bam!” and “Boom!” as he prepares a dinner of steaks, potatoes, and asparagus. He also throws in a clutch salt bae impression at the 33-minute

The entire Curry cooking special was meant to promote Ayesha’s new meal-kit delivery subscription, Cook Homemade. Steph completed the meal to show it’s so easy even an NBA Champion can do it. Despite breaking his promise of social media silence, Curry’s  head was still in the game: between cooking breaks, he kept his eye on the Western Conference Semifinals. Multitasking is key.