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Spotify To Possibly Launch Hi-Fi Lossless Quality Music Service

You might be able to finally listen to your bitchin’ 90s playlist and your kids’ favorite rapper in lossless quality audio. Several Spotify users reported they had received prompts asking if they were interested in listening to lossless music at an additional cost. The prices varied from $5-to-$10 (not including the premium membership fee). Spotify has yet to confirm the hi-fi tier, so there is no official launch date. Until then, you’ll have to jam out to kindie rock at 96 kbps (high quality is 320-1411 kbps).

spotify hi fi

Spotify seems to be gauging interest and price ranges through the test offers, but offering this service shouldn’t be a surprise. You use to joke about Tidal, but now the high-quality music platform is worth millions. Not to mention, premium headphones are becoming industry standard the way how HD flatscreen TVs are the norm. And lastly, your current iPhone may not have a headphone jack. That means your Lightning and Bluetooth enabled headphones will sound superior to anything wired. So it’s really just a matter of time before you start really noticing the extreme high and low end of “Let It Go.”

[H/T The Verge]