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Sergio Garcia’s Supportive Dad Coached Him to His First Masters

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This Sunday, Sergio Garcia put his choking habits behind him by sinking a putt in a one-hole playoff against Justin Rose to win his first Masters. Golf is, of course, the daddest of all sports, so it comes as no surprise that Sergio owes at least some of his success to his old man. Sergio’s interest in golf comes from his dad, Victor, as he was imitating his father’s swing with a broom when he was just two years old. Victor was there for his son every step of the way on his road to success, acting as his support and teacher, helping him develop his winning game.

Sergio’s bond with his father is something to admire, but it’s hardly new when it comes to champion golfers. There is a rich tradition of a dad teaching his son to golf, only for the son to quickly surpass his pop’s skills and easily beat him by 10+ strokes. Here are some past Masters’ winners who shared a love for the game thanks to their dad.

Danny Willett

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Danny Willett

The winner of last year’s Masters, Danny learned to play golf with his dad, Stephen, until Stephen had to stop playing with his son for a simple reason: Danny was just too damn good. “When he was 12, he was out driving me by 70 yards,”Stephen admitted in an interview with BBC. “But it wasn’t just his play, he understood things he just knew about golf and I stopped playing with him after a while because it was embarrassing.”

jordan spieth

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Jordan Spieth

The record holder after finishing 18 strokes under par to win the Masters in 2015, 23-year-old Spieth is one of the best young golfers around. He also has a pretty great dad. Spieth credits his father, Shawn, for teaching him the importance of setting goals and working hard to go after what he wants. Shawn also gave his son a pep talk on the eve of his big Masters win, helping his son have the confidence to win the green jacket at such a young age.

bubba watson

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Bubba Watson

Besides having the second best name in golf and a sick hoverboard golf cart, Bubba also won the Masters in 2014 and has consistently been one of the top dudes in the game. He also started his love affair with golf due to his desire to be like his dad Gerry. When Bubba was six, he begged his dad to bring him along for his weekly tee time. Gerry was hopeful his kid would choose baseball instead, but in the end agreed to let Bubba join. The rest is history.

adam scott golfer

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Adam Scott

The Aussie golfer became a dad in 2015 after his wife gave birth to his daughter Bo Vera, and Adam already seems to be a fantastic father to his young kid. That’s not surprising, considering his dad Phil already set a great example for how to be a supportive dad. Phil was an aspiring golfer in his day, and once Adam showed the same interest, Phil made sure to support his kid every step of the way.

tiger woods


Tiger Woods

Tiger’s relationship with his dad was, at times, complicated. But Tiger always had a deep love and admiration for his father, Earl, and they were close up until Earl’s death in 2010. Following his father’s death, the four-time Masters champion, paid tribute to his dad when he stated, “He [Earl] was the person I looked up to more than anyone.”

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