One Excruciating Lesson I Learned On The Way To Raising Kids Who Root For My Team


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What is the worst spoiler someone ever gave you?

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I love my kids, and I love basketball, but those 2 wonderful worlds came together last year, and it was the worst kind of spoiler.

A kid spoiler. You see, if it’s your roommate telling you the Han Solo-related Force Awakens spoiler, you can call him a jackass, kick him in the shins, and put icy hot on his favorite loofah.

Kid spoilers are much, much worse. Why?

Because you must look pleased with the final score of the game that you so desperately wanted to watch after work. You must thank your children for informing you that the Warriors won even though you were recording the game, had the babysitter double-check it was recording, and why-the-hell-did-the-babysitter-let-them-stay-up-that-late-anyway?


Because your wife is watching you like a cop does a potential bank robber.  She’s expecting you to slip up, to grimace, get frustrated, and reveal your true feelings only to spoil the evening of your children. The children, oh those beautiful offspring, how incredible it is to see them taking an interest in your favorite team, your favorite sport, and unknowingly shattering your “I’m recording the game” cone of silence.

Kids Are Ultimate Spoilers

Yes, my dad-training was put to the test. The Warriors won the big game, my kids screamed the results to me as I walked in, and every sports enthusiast feeling of heartbreak and frustration I had was replaced by the joy they had for the big win.

We hugged for the Warriors winning, and my wife hugged me for not being a jackass.

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