Logan Morrison’s Daughter Would Rather Dance Than Run the Bases


Everyone has a “jam.” A song that’s the perfect combination of spectacular and irresistible in a way that makes it impossible not to drop whatever you are doing and just move. For 2-year-old Ily Morrison, that jam occurred as she was happily running the bases with her dad, Tampa Bay Rays’ First Baseman Logan Morrison.

After a game on Sunday, the stadium allowed kids on to the field and run around the bases. Ily, of course, wanted to run with her dad and was happily heading to home base when suddenly she recognized the song that was playing over the PA system. The moment she realized that it was her jam, Ily stopped running the bases and began busting out all of her best moves.

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At first, Logan tried to get his daughter to keep on running, but he’s a savvy enough dad to quickly realize trying to get her to stop dancing was a fool’s errand. Other kids may be passing her, but Ily doesn’t care. She’s just happy to lose herself to dance. Eventually, one older girl noticed and was able to take Ily out of her dance trance just long enough for both the girls to finish their baserunning and make it home, with Logan in step. Sometimes you just gotta dance.

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