Eric Sogard Has Been in the Majors for a Week and Already Has Baseball’s Best Fan


Saydee Sogard is having an emotional week and it’s all thanks to the San Diego Padres. The three-year-old daughter of Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Eric Sogard had an epic meltdown Monday night after her dad’s team lost to the Padres in extra innings despite her dad’s home run in the top of the 10th inning. Saydee’s mom Kaycee attempted to console her daughter by explaining that winning and losing are just part of the game, but Saydee was devastated — at least until the Brewers beat the Padres the next night.

Some people might be concerned seeing a young child so emotionally gutted by a baseball game, but letting kids watch sports at a young age has a ton of unexpected benefits. That includes understanding competition, getting to feel the thrill of victory, and learning to manage the pain of defeat. Saydee has been getting a week-long master class as her father fights for a permanent position on the Brewers roster. Last night’s matchup was just Sogard’s fourth game playing for the team, which he’s signed to on a minor league contract.

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Eric shared a video of Saydee after last night’s 6-2 victory over the Padres, and she is reveling in the spoils of victory. Saydee shoves cotton candy and cupcakes in her painted face because that’s what winners do. The pure joy on Saydee’s face either shows her deep devotion to the Brewers and her father or her passion for cotton candy. It’s one or the other.


Traditionally, basketball kids get most of the sports kid hype. Eric and Saydee Sogard might change that. Eric just has to stick in the bigs to make it happen.

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