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Cleveland Indians GM’s Son Reveals Details Of Contract Negotiations During Live Interview

flickr / Keith Allison

When Cleveland Indians GM Mike Chernoff sat down for an interview during the ninth inning of an exhibition game over the weekend, he probably wasn’t about to reveal how negotiations with superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor were going. But that’s what ended up happening thanks to his 6-year-old son, Brody. Indians’ announcer Tom Hamilton asked the elder Chernoff about any deals that might be in the works. Before he could offer up a standard vague answer, Brody steps in and overshares on behalf of his dad.

“He’s trying to get, um, Lindor to play for 7 more years,” Brody answered.

Hamilton and Mike both immediately burst into laughter after Brody’s unexpected insight, with Hamilton quickly adding: “We better not talk anymore, Brody.”

While Mike was obviously surprised his son ending up spilling the beans, it doesn’t look like this revelation will come as too much of a shock to anyone. Lindor is one of Cleveland’s brightest players and was an essential part of team’s trip to the World Series last season. And since he’sonly 23-years-old, it makes sense the team would want to lock him down for a long term deal. Safe to say this incident did not earn Brody a timeout — or get him Peter Gammons’s job.

In the future, Mike may want to be a bit more careful with what he shares with Brody before an interview. But hey, he should be glad his kid takes such an interest in his old man’s work. You probably know from experience getting your kid to actually listen is a more difficult type of negotiation.

The biggest takeaway? Adding kids to live interviews is guaranteed chaos and hilarity, whether you’re talking about South Korean politics or multi-million dollar MLB contracts. So, if you are ever in a position where discretion and professionalism are key, go ahead and bring the kid along. It won’t go as planned, but at least people will pay attention to what you’re saying.