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Here’s What ‘SNL’ Got Hilariously Right About Terrible Kids’ Movies

So many live-action kids' movies are awful and 'Saturday Night Live' just explained why.

One of the hardest things about becoming a parent is the slow realization that you’re suddenly going to know about a bunch of low-budget live-action kids’ movies like Cadet Kelly or the 1994 non-classic Camp Nowhere. Did you have to struggle through Aliens Ate My Homework because you heard it was based on some Bruce Coville books you loved in grade-school in the ’90s? We feel your pain.

But, it turns out Saturday Night Live feels the pain of parents everywhere, too. In the first hilarious episode of SNL‘s 46th season — and their first episode back in front of a studio audience since the SNL at Home quarantine episodes — one under-the-radar sketch paid tribute to ridiculous stunts in kids’ movies and TV shows, specifically those stunts in which adults are either having their pants ripped, farting or often, both.

At the beginning of the sketch, you think the whole thing is going to be about faux-stunt performers bemoaning how they want to get back to driving fast cars or having knife fights in huge action movies, but then, it takes a hard pivot and reminds you that, yeah, a bunch of terrible kids’ movies you’re forced to watch also feature stunt performers, too, but they’re decidedly not cool. In the sketch, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon played two out-of-work stunt performers, mostly known for their work as evil lunch ladies and Home Alone-sequel grade grown-up villains. Again, these kinds of stunts are mostly designed to make adults look like total idiots.

The sketch is hilarious because Bryant and McKinnon are spot-on and dry as hell in their delivery. But, the true reason why it hits home is that all the fake movies they concoct for the purpose of the sketch don’t even sound a little bit fake. Watch the clip above. It may give you strength for your next plunge into the depths of the family section on Netflix or lost Disney Channel movies that have now popped-up again on Disney.+

New episodes of SNL will run through the end of 2020.