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Use These Organizational Hacks To Fit All The Baby Clothes In A Small Nursery

Much like the kid that will soon inhabit it, the nursery is a small thing that can cause huge headaches. Hacking together a nursery can be extremely challenging, both in terms of maximizing what may be a tiny amount of space and coming to grips with throwing out all the stuff you’ve been secretly hoarding there. Your shrink can help you handle that whole growing up bit. This article will get you through storage space and organization.

Maximizing Small Nursery Storage
If the baby is going to need your gear closet (pro tip: the baby is going to need your gear closet), and you think it’ll still be several therapist visits before you’re comfortable enough with you to move on from your Phish Tour ’99 t-shirt collection, a storage unit could be in your future. You might have to go back to slinging grilled cheeses on tour to pay rent on it once the kid shows up, but that’s a different discussion for a different session. For now, consult this interactive storage size guide to make sure you get exactly the right size unit for your crap extremely sentimental mementos. You could also simply upload your boxes to the cloud. Okay, not exactly, but the boxes get delivered to you, hauled off to storage, and sent back on-demand, all via your phone, where you can monitor your stuff. Close enough.

Organizing All Those Baby Clothes
Even if you’ve stashed away all your stuff and have meticulously avoided over-buying stuff in anticipation of your kid’s arrival, there’s often no stemming the tide of gifts from well wishers, parents and in-laws. If Junior’s room is starting to get buried under a pile of onesies before they’re even born,Apartment Therapy has a great list of organizational pieces and systems from IKEA, Target, Container Store, Spacify, or Kangaroom (where, presumably, everything gets stored in pouches?). Use one or more of them to make sure your kid doesn’t end up on an episode of Hoarders the day they move in.