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Sick New Wax: ‘Bluey’ Kids’ Album Will Release On Vinyl

The next record to spin in your house is straight from this hit children's show.

BBC Studios

Bluey is the rare kid’s show that adults can watch without wanting to rip their eyes out of their sockets. The show is short, jaunty, and not always trying to be about a big lesson. It’s basically the Seinfeld of kids’ shows.

And now, Bluey is pulling a stunt that nobody saw coming: Releasing a hit album, on vinyl no less. Bluey: The Album is set to be released on October 1 and will be available on vinyl and CD, as well as streaming on Spotify or where ever else you get your music. The album features 17 original tracks from series composer Joff Bush, who is the genius responsible for Bluey‘s catchy-as-hell theme song. The songs will be based on songs from the show, including ‘Keep Uppy,’  ‘Here Come The Grannies!,’ ‘Pool,’ and ‘The Creek.’ If you order the CD or the vinyl version you also get a sticker sheet featuring four stickers from the beloved show.

Bluey: The Album already debuted in Australia, where it proved to be a smash sensation, becoming the first-ever kid’s album to take the number one spot on the Australia Recording Industry Association (ARIA) chart. Will Bluey: The Album experience a similar chart-topping debut in the United States? It’s possible, especially when parents might find themselves putting the album on even when their kids aren’t around. Because catchy tunes are catchy tunes, regardless of who they were made for.

The fact that Bluey: The Album will drop on vinyl is also great for parents who are obsessed with analog music for their kids. (Ahem, we have a few of those on staff at Fatherly.) Even kids’ shows with big music talent (like Pete the Cat) don’t tend to release albums on vinyl, and they totally should. So, hopefully, Bluey will show other kids’ brands that the children of the 21st century do, in fact, dig actual records.

The real question is if Bluey’s debut album will be able to earn more love from the critics than Peppa Pig’s fire LP, which got better reviews than Kanye West’s latest album upon its release. If everyone’s favorite Blue Heeler puppy can become a fan favorite and critical darling, we could see a Biggie vs. Tupac rivalry form between two of the biggest names in kid’s entertainment.

Pre-orders of Bluey: The Album on vinyl and CD and Digital are now available.

Bluey streams on Disney+.