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Here’s How Long To Wait For an ‘Incredibles 2’ Post-Credits Scene

It's a mixed bag.

These days, the ending of most huge superhero movies aren’t really endings. For instance, it’s no spoiler that after the shocking events of Avengers: Infinity War, there’s a confounding post-credits scene teasing events yet-to-come. But, does the post-credits scene epidemic apply to Pixar’s meta-superhero movie Incredibles 2? In other words, do you need to sit through the credits of Incredibles 2 with your kids just to get a tease at what might happen in Incredibles 3? Without spoiling anything, here’s the answer.

There’s not really a true post-credits sequence at the end of Incredibles 2, but you should sit through the credits for two reasons. First, because the credits themselves are beautiful and awesome. And second, because there is kind of a tease about something that could set up Incredibles 3.

As with the memorable credits of the first movie, the entire credits sequence for Incredibles 2 is done in a striking art-deco style full of lots of sharp angles punctuated by the brassy spy-movie music that makes the tone of the movie so great. Just sitting through this stuff is fun, and assuming you and your kids don’t have to run to the bathroom right away, sticking around as the credits roll might be a good way to chill out for a second while others make a mad dash for the exits.

Annnnnd…there is a little tiny easter egg of a reference right at the end of the credits. It’s something that is barely a big deal, but you’ll totally know it when you see it. Plus, if your kids remembered everything that happened at the beginning of the movie, they’ll be thrilled you waited around for this little moment, too.

Incredibles 2 opens in theaters everywhere on June 15.