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Watch The ‘Sesame Street’ Crew Take On The Mannequin Challenge

First there was planking, then the Harlem Shake, and now the mannequin challenge is the latest DIY internet craze that you don’t quite understand, but also can’t escape. Your favorite football team (or futbol team) has done it. The First Lady and LeBron have done it. Hell, it’s even caught on with cats. That’s when you know it’s at peak meme. So, while you may be missing this latest web phenomenon because only the kids are doing it, here’s reason to tune in to mannequin mania. It’s hit Sesame Street.


You know that these Muppets never miss a good pop culture reference. So, in typical mannequin challenge fashion, a camera tracks across the whole Sesame Street set, where everything and everyone appears completely frozen. Bring your kids in the room, because the whole gang is here: Elmo’s balancing a cup on his head. Cookie Monster is tossing around the football with Grover. Snuffy … well, Snuffy’s always been a little slow.

While the whole city block full of preschool puppets manages still for a minute and a half, Ernie breaks first. You’d expect that kind of behavior from the Count — what with his mild-OCD — but in the end it’s Ernie who has play a joke on Burt and tell him his shoelaces are untied. (Burt, you’re an irresistible mark.) This is most likely to be your kid’s favorite mannequin challenge rendition — at least until they catch wind of these preschoolers absolutely killing it.