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Teach Your Kid How To Stunt Drive The Safest Way Possible

YouTube / 5MadMovieMakers

Of all the milestones in your kid’s life, teaching them to drive is one you’re probably not looking forward to. Not only will that mean you’re officially old, but also potentially in grave danger. And if you finally get over all that, you still have to deal with just how boring teaching responsible driving is. That doesn’t give you much to look forward to, but this video sure as hell does.

YouTubers 5MadMovieMakers, known for their miniature shorts, might have figured out how to make safe driving reckless and reckless driving safe by fixing a GoPro Hero Session to a Hot Wheels car. The footage features a series of stunts — the Long Jump, the Falling Roll, the 360 Flip Spin, the Double Roll, the Halfpipe, the Falling Front Flip, the Double Jump through Hoops, and the Splash Dive — filmed from both observer and driver perspective. No matter how young your kid is, keep this in your back pocket to avoid future trips to the ER and/or NASCAR events.

If the driving itself fails to impress, perhaps the filmmaking will. The video was shot at 120 frames per second and all the stunts were slowed to a quarter of the speed, creating an oddly mesmerizing effect that will have you wondering what 2 Slow 2 Furious would look like. Whatever your kid gets into when they grow up, may they only risk a GoPro getting there.

[H/T] Gizmodo