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Fearless Kids Attempt To Stop A 9-Year-Old Rugby Prodigy

YouTube / Moroni Martin

This week a children’s rugby tournament in Canberra, Australia (where contact sports are for kids) made headlines, when YouTube and Facebook videos surfaced of what can only be described as a rugby child prodigy. Nine-year-old Meaalofa ‘Rayson’ Te’o brought his team to a 20-10 victory, while making a great case for Marshawn Lynch to give up his nickname.

While the media has been praising Meaalofa’s above average size and abilities with good cause, they often overlook the other half of this awesome equation: all the kids to tried to stop him over and over and over again. Giving credit where credit is due, shout out to #1, #5, #6, #10, #13, #16, the players in the pink and yellow pinnies, and the pack of kids who unsuccessfully tried to take down this beast. Oh, and his parents while you’re at it. Bath time must be a f–king nightmare.

Large Rugby Child

Win or lose, let all these players be a lesson to your kid: If you go out there and try your best, you can still be made into an badass internet gif one day. That’s arguably better than a trophy.

[H/T] Deadspin