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Rob Lowe’s Sons Prove Who Loves Him Best on ‘The Tonight Show’

Last night, actor and noted member of the Handsome Men’s Club Rob Lowe appeared on The Tonight Show with his two sons Matthew and John. But instead of the usual late night routine of telling slightly amusing stories to an overly generous host and audience, Rob opted to have his sons battle to prove which one truly deserved his love most. So, Jimmy Fallon assisted Rob by asking Matthew and John questions about their dear old dad. Who says parenting can’t have some competition?

The whole thing played out with The Dating Game-esque rules, where Fallon asked Lowe questions and three wrote down answers to see how Matthew and John’s matched. If they lined up correctly with dad’s, they’d  get a point. If not, no point. Winner would officially be declared the “Best Son.”

The game began simple enough, with Jimmy asking Matthew and John to name their dad’s favorite movie. Both correctly answered Goodfellas and earned a point. However, Matthew took the lead in the second round when Jimmy asked what Rob would ask for if he had one magical wish. But Johnny tied up the game after claiming credit for showing his dad the insane and hilarious Dr. Steve Brule from Tim and Eric, which is apparently the thing that makes Rob Lowe laugh the hardest.

The final question was identifying Rob’s greatest “hidden talent.” Matthew said impressions, Johnny said his knowledge of history, but Rob proved to be his own best son when he revealed the true answer to be surfing. Fallon declared the game to end in a tie, which meant that both Matthew and Johnny were conveniently named the “Best Sons.”

This tie made Rob happy but based on Matthew and Johnny’s faces, they were hoping a real winner would be crowned. But no matter which of them is truly the “Best Son” one thing is for sure: Rob Lowe seems to be one hell of a dad. Literally