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Rob Corddry Let His Seven-Year-Old Daughter Give Him a Tattoo

On last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, actor Robert Corddry showed off his newest tattoo, a baby hedgehog, and revealed that it was given by his seven-year-old daughter Marlo. Per Corddry, the whole thing started because Marlo has always wanted to be a tattoo artist. One day, when they were at the tattoo studio of Corddry’s friend Scott, Scott suggested that Marlo should just give her dad some ink. Corddry agreed. Why? Because he loves his little girl that much

Colbert, also a father himself, was in disbelief that Corddry would let a seven-year-old give him a tattoo. But, when Corddry explained his reasoning, the host quickly came around. Fortunately for Corddry, Marlo ended up doing a solid job. Corddry showed off the tattoo, which is on his calf, and the audience and Colbert happily note that she did “pretty damn good.” After that, Corddry goes into full proud dad mode, recalling his daughter’s focus during the session, and that the only instruction she needed was Scott telling her to press the needle down harder. Still, Colbert lets him know that, based on the impromptu nature of the ink, that he’s “probably in a gang now.”

Now, Corddry is no stranger to tattoos and the Scott he mentions is likely tattoo artist Scott Campbell who has inked him before. So, Marlo had some pretty great supervision. Still, we have to give it up to Corddry for immediately offering up a patch of skin to help his daughter realize her dream. And, for his sake, we’re glad Marlo had a steady hand.