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These Free, Downloadable Activity Kits Turn Everyday Life Into ‘Missions’ For Kids To Accomplish

Monthly activity kits: great for occupying kids minds and time, not so great for doing so more than once a month. After your kid finishes making or doing the thing, you blast some ‘grams ad then everyone stares at the thing until the next month’s box shows up. Have they had fun? Momentarily. Have they learned anything? Maybe? Red Paper Plane evolves the concept to make sure your kid achieves both, all for the low, low price of $FREE.99.

Red Paper Plane

Instead of a box in the mail, Red Paper Plane provides downloadable activity “missions” for 3-to-6 year old that gamify everyday situations. Missions range from the practical “Family Doctor” (“Let’s write a prescription with health and lifestyle recommendations for each member of the family”) to the creative “Storyteller” (“Let’s make your first book by telling the story of the sand”) to the whatever “Carnivalesco” is (“Let’s plan and organize a Brazilian carnival at home!”). The idea behind every mission is to unlock kids’ brain potential by solving real-world problems in the same manner as the artists, engineers, developers, teachers, or entrepreneurs you hope they’ll become … er, they hope to become.

Red Paper Plane

Missions follow a 3-step process of “Observe And Remember,” “Select And Prototype,” and “Create And Present.” Each teaches everyday skills like patience, concentration, empathy, dexterity, decision-making, visualization, and presentation. The best part: the missions can be carried out over 20 solid minutes of play a day for up to a week and be infinitely repeated with new outcomes. That’s more than you can say about that pegboard puzzle where the cow still only fits in the cow-shaped slot.

Red Paper Plane (Free)