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The 15 Dads Who Won the Internet in 2017

From LeBron James to Oliver the giraffe, the internet loved dads in 2017.


Dads were everywhere in 2017. No matter where you looked, dads found their way into sports, movies, and even politics. And while every dad deserves a pat on the back and a cold beer for their valiant parenting efforts this last year, some dads managed to go viral with their fatherly antics. From Barack Obama to Jimmy Kimmel to a dude in an inflatable T-rex costume, here are the 15 dads who dominated the internet in 2017.

15. LaVar Ball


Is LaVar Ball a genius gaming the system or an idiot putting targets on his kids’ backs? Depends on who you ask, but what’s not up for debate is the fact that LaVar has been the most entertaining sports dad in recent memory. Will everything work out for the patriarch of the Big Baller Brand? Only time will tell, but either way, it’s going to be fun to watch.

14. Oliver the Giraffe

From left: Oliver, April and Tajiri. Animal Adventure Park

Unfortunately, not all dads go viral for the right reasons, and Oliver made headlines earlier this year when he became the world’s most famous deadbeat dad. While April delivered their son, Oliver was kept in a separate area. Why? Because, according to one of his handlers, male giraffes “only really care about two things – fighting and the unmentionable.” Hopefully, Oliver starts to take his fatherly responsibilities a bit more seriously in 2018.

13. A Father Shows Off His SuperDad Reflexes

What started as a dad-daughter photo almost turned disastrous when the young girl started falling backward off the bridge where they were posing. Luckily, dad was there to bust out some crazy reflexes and save her from any harm.

12. Dave Crosby (The Voice Dad)

Dave Crosby and his adorable 3-year-old daughter, Claire, delivered a rare feel-good moment on reality TV when they performed a delightful cover of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” If you feel yourself tearing up while watching their heartwarming performance, just grab a tissue and let those tears flow. We won’t judge.

11. T-Rex Dad

Posted by Tad Megan Parnell on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Plenty of dads greet their kids at the bus stop, but Louisiana dad Tad Parnell took it to a whole new level when he welcomed his daughter home from school in an inflatable T-rex costume.

10. George Clooney

Clooney hasn’t been a father that long, but he’s already proving to be one of the most delightful and entertaining celebrity dads around. First, he called out parents who dress up their toddlers or newborns for Halloween, then he and his wife Amal provided headphones to all the other passengers on a flight where he brought his twins. Can’t wait to see how the silver fox handles the terrible twos.

9. Escalator Dad

A true hero!

Keeping a kid entertained at the airport is a notoriously difficult dad task, but this guy makes genius use of an escalator to tire out and distract his kid.

8. ABC Dad

Instead of teaching his 4-year-old son Josiah the ABCs with the same boring song everyone uses, Stanley Freeland decided to give the alphabet a hip-hop remix that quickly went viral thanks to the father-son duo’s fresh dance moves.

7. Barack Obama

Twitter/Barack Obama

Obama is no longer President and he appears to be enjoying his post-political life a great deal. He’s also gone into full-blown dad mode in the process. Remember “Vacation Dad Obama”? Or “Dad Crying While He Drops His Daughter Off at College” Obama? Or when he shared his beautiful and elegant message to Michelle on their 25th wedding anniversary? While we definitely miss having him in the White House, we are happy to see him coming into his own as the cool but slightly dorky dad we all wish we could be.

6. Ryan Reynolds


Reynolds’ tweets about his kids may be (hilarious) bullshit but the Detective Pikachu star remains the celebrity dad normal dads would most like to hang out with. He’s equal parts badass and goofball, making him an ideal drinking buddy. Plus he is always willing to give advice to parents who need his guidance, including how your kid is supposed to take a shit if they’re wearing a Deadpool costume.

5. NBA Sign Dad

How do you motivate your kid when they bring home a bad report card? Most dads would ground them or take away their phone privileges, but one Charlotte dad decided to have some fun when his son Thomas’ grades started to slip. Not only did he go to the Cavaliers-Hornets game without his son, but he brought along a sign that read: “Thomas get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here. Love, dad.”

4. Carpet Dad

A dad who dedicates his Instagram to hotel carpet may not sound all that interesting, but the account is oddly mesmerizing and it ended up going viral after his daughter posted a few of his hotel carpet photos on Twitter.

3. LeBron James

When he’s not busy being the greatest basketball player since Michael Jordan, James is just a dad like you. He cheers on his kids at their games. He gets into arguments with loudmouthed parents when they talk smack. He finds candy for his 3-year-old daughter during NBA games. You know, normal dad stuff. Oh, did we mention he’s opening up a school for underprivileged kids in Ohio?

2. Jimmy Kimmel

Over the past year, Kimmel has become America’s late-night father, as he has come to represent the every dad who can’t resist pulling a prank or telling an embarrassing story about his kid. He also unexpectedly became one of the leading voices for Universal Healthcare after his son Billy had to undergo heart surgery when he was born with a congenital defect. Kimmel seems to be thriving in the role and we couldn’t be more excited for him to fight for and laugh with dads for years to come.

1. BBC Dad

What started as a normal interview became perhaps the greatest viral moment of the year when Political Science Professor Robert Kelly’s two kids burst into his office as he was live on the air. The already hilarious incident got even funnier when Kelly’s wife ran in frantically to try and get the kids out as quickly as possible. It’s all the chaos and cuteness of parenting wrapped in a single video. Long live BBC Dad.