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‘Rad Women Worldwide’ Is An Illustrated History Of Forgotten Female Icons

Kids learn a lot of F words — either from Sesame Street or when you stub your toe. One of the most important of these to start them on early is feminism, and playing Beyonce’s Lemonade on the drive to school can only help so much. The education has to start with you. If you’re done with the nightly browsing of Rad American Women A-Z, hand them the newest book by Katie Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl, Rad Women Worldwide.

Rad Women Worldwide

Yes, because there’s a lot of underrepresentation to correct, you need another volume of 40 badass women that span 2,000 years of history and 31 countries. These are artists, spies, presidents, Nobel Prize winners, punk singers, computer programmers, explorers, and queens (both metaphorical and literal). The engaging cut-out illustrations make it accessible enough for younger kids, but the profiles are still compelling and informative enough for teens (and adults — like you).

Rad Women Worldwide By Kate Schatz Miriam Klein Stahl

It’s not just an empowering collection of stories about random women, it actively represents a  range of cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Sure, America is just getting around to nominating a woman to lead, but at least you can show your kid that before Hillary there was Queen Liliʻuokalani. Before there was Princess Sofia, there was Princess Sophia Duleep Singh not exactly on the right side of history. And when they refer to you as “that cis white man I live with,” you’ll know you’ve done your job.
Rad Women Worldwide By Katie Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl ($16)