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Professor Uses Math to Project the Record of Every MLB Team for 2017 Season

Tim Gouw | Unsplash

Baseball season is officially underway and every fan is hoping that this is the year their team finally turns it around and makes it to October. And while some may rely on star charts or Paul the Octopus to predict how their squad will fare this season, the best bet is Professor Bruce Bukiet. Bukiet, mathematical sciences professor and Associate Dean at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has made a name for himself by making scary accurate predictions before the start of the last 20 baseball seasons.

Last year, Bukiet correctly predicted eight of the 10 teams that ended up making the playoffs, including the Cubs’ surprise success. Now he has released his projections for the 2017 MLB season, and he has used his math abilities to predict the record of each baseball team.

According to Bukiet’s projections, the Cubs and Indians, last year’s World Series representatives, will be returning to the postseason, with the Cubs tying the Dodgers for the league’s top record. The San Diego Padres will be the league’s worst team, which is hardly a surprise considering their entire roster is paid less than Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw.

Bukiet’s projections are based on a mathematical model he has been developing for more than three decades. He has said his primary reason for making predictions is to show kids that math is a fun, useful tool that “can be applied to improve one’s understanding of many aspects of life.” Baseball, specifically, is the perfect sport for mathematically-based projections, as the high number of games played lends itself to teaching kids about the deviation to the mean and other math concepts most adults haven’t thought about in years. And if sports can’t teach kids to like math, literally nothing will.