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Prince George Would Really Like His Dad to Stop Talking and Board Their Plane

Even future kings of Britain can get pretty fussy. On a recent trip to Poland, Prince George, deep into the terrible three’s,  exhibited less than princely patience.

George was traveling with his parents, Prince William and Princess Kate, and sister, who were saying their extended goodbyes to the Polish politicians they had been spending time with. But George simply wasn’t having it. Fed up with the length of his parents’ idle chatter, he began trying to walk onto on the plane by himself. Realizing this attempt was futile, he then focused on trying to get his dad to get his royal butt on that damn plane.

The young prince yanks on his dad’s arm with all the strength he can muster, desperately trying to make his dad aware that all he wants in life is to be on that plane. Eventually, George’s sister Princess Charlotte joins in her brother’s shenanigans and begins to try to get her mother’s attention by tugging on her sleeve to let her know it’s time to go. Initially, Prince William politely brushes George off, continuing to chat. Soon, however, William realizes his son’s impatience and says his final goodbyes, before leading his family on to the plane and, hopefully, defusing any royal tantrums.