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Johnny Kapahala is a Hawaiian teenager who loves to surf, taking after his grandfather, a surfer legend named Johnny Bartholomew Tsunami. Imagine his surprise when his dad gets a job transfer and they move to Vermont — as far away from the ocean as he has ever been! Totally lame. Life on the mainland is tough for Johnny; he goes to a private school where kids mostly ski, but he really wants to learn how to snowboard, due to its similarity to surfing, his one true love. Vermont is cold and snowy and mountainous and not Hawaii. After a series of events and an improbable plane ride in which Johnny smuggles himself onto a cargo plane to go back to Hawaii,  improbably, he goes back to Vermont and races down the mountain for the fight to have control over the ski side of the mountain.
New Niche score, 10/10: Johnny learns how to surf on the snow surrounded by white people from Vermont.