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Michael Woods, played by a young Joey Lawrence, is a 20 year old spoiled brat who is a trust fund baby. His cousin, Tommy, who is only 11, comes and visits him in Los Angeles. Michael abandons him at Disneyland and ends up crashing his porsche and getting caught, and, as punishment, his parents tell him he has to go to Montana — where Tommy lives — to work on a ranch to make up for his neglectful behavior. Oh, boy! What’s a Hollywood bro to do in dusty, rural Montana? He gets to work on the farm. It’s hard!  He gets mad! He gets mean! LA is so much better than out here, on this ranch in the middle of nowhere! Michael comes to his senses, realizes that the farm is in financial trouble, and uses his near-unlimited wealth to save the day. Michael becomes a better person in the process.
New Niche Scale 6/10: It’s good that he’s a better person, but he abandoned a kid at Disney World for his girlfriend! That’s basic criminal neglect!