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A teenage figure skater, Katelin, is discovered by a prolific skating coach who only teaches, of course, at a very expensive boarding school that the teen’s parents cannot afford. In order to attend the school, she decides take on a hockey scholarship and struggles to juggle both hockey and skating. The other figure skaters are mean! It’s really hard! Ultimately, she befriends her roommate, another hockey player, but the troubles won’t stop. She decides that she just can’t handle it anymore and leaves school, only to find that her own parents have packed everything she owns into boxes — which honestly seems a little extreme considering she’ll like, probably be home on Thanksgiving. She runs out of the house with her skating gear (in a box) and figures out that her mom was also a figure skater, which somehow her mom never mentioned to her? That just seems like bad parenting. Katelin decides to suck it up and heads back to school, kicks ass at everything, saves the day, and becomes an Olympian.
New Niche score, 8/10: really stuck it to those rich jerks, wasn’t aware she was Olympic prodigy level.