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Charlie Boyle is a 13-year old kid genius who has a knack for physics and loves hockey. Because he’s an exceptional kid, he goes to college in Wisconsin at the age of 13 and finds that even there, he’s too much of a nerd to make friends! He decides that he has to change everything about him and lie about his true identity to have friendships and meet people and even pretends to attend middle school in order to make friends his own age. Of course, everyone finds out and abandons him, and in his haste to make friends, he jeopardizes his mentor’s job. He saves the day by creating an anti-gravity machine during the school’s hockey final, using it to cheat for acceptance from friends.
New Niche Score, 2/10: The kid tries to create a new identity, realizes who he truly is, still uses his genius to cheat, and engages in deceptive practices in order to earn the affection of the people around him. Hard pass.