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Camp Rock was Demi Lovato’s break-out role. In it, she plays a talented teen musician, Mitchie, who gets a music-spot at “Camp Rock,” an expensive overnight camp for young musicians who want to make it big.  Mitchie’s family can’t afford the tuition and she earns her keep there by working with her mom in the kitchen. She lies and says her mom is the president of an international music tv station to make friends. Shane Grey, (Joe Jonas) resident-bad-boy in a famous rock group, overhears her singing one day but never identifies her as “the voice.” She begins to fall for Shane. When her secret is exposed, she is ostracized by her peers and Shane. She reconciles with a girl at camp who was mean to her, and ends up performing in the end-of-year jam with the song Shane heard. They reconcile! The mean girl gets her due!
New Niche Score, 4/10: She didn’t really change much, but the people around her stopped being such meanies.