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Police Officer Helps Little Girl Search Her New House for Monsters

A police officer helps a little girl search for monsters in her new house to make sure it is safe.

Moving can be tough. New neighborhoods. New friends. New monsters under the bed. But one 4-year-old girl’s transition to a new home was made a bit easier thanks to some kind and helpful police officers.

When Sidney Fahrenbruch and her family moved to Longmont, Colorado, she was convinced that her new house was filled with monsters. Fortunately for Sidney, she ended up meeting local Officer David Bonday, a local Longmont copy, who agreed to investigate this very serious case. Officer Bonday walked through Sidney’s house to search for any boogeymen hiding under the bed or in a closet, using his flashlight to make sure even the most well-hidden creature would be found.

Bonday went above and beyond to make sure Sidney had her piece of mind, thoroughly checking even places the little girl had already searched.

“She just checked under the couch, but he wanted to make sure there weren’t any under the couch cushions,” Megan Fahrenbruch, Sidney’s mother, told local station KDVR. “And then they ended up going in the front yard to make sure there was no monster activity in the front yard.”

The search was a success, as Bonday and Sidney found no monsters anywhere. Here’s hoping Sidney can rest peacefully without fear of monsters or new surroundings.