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Pokémon Go Is Launching the World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is just a few days away, and for most parents, that means annual visits to church, too much chocolate, and confusing discussions about why eggs come bunnies. And while the White House might be struggling to organize its annual egg roll, Nintendo just announced their own massive egg hunt with the launch of the Pokémon Go “Eggstravaganza.”

What exactly is an”“Eggstravaganza“? Besides an extremely unoriginal pun, it’s a weeklong event in which a larger variety of Pokémon can be hatched in 2km eggs. Basically, it’s an Easter-themed event that offers Pokéheads a chance to add more Charizards to their collection, find extra candy from eggs, and gain double XP. It begins today at 1 pm PST and ends at 1 pm PST on 4/20. Probably because weed and Pokémon don’t mix.

pokemon go

While many Pokémon players are still active, interest in the game has certainly fallen since its initial release. Will this event cause gamers to once again flood the streets in search of that rare Snorelax? It’s certainly possible. Besides, with the much-hyped return of the Tamagotchi and the death of the default Twitter avatar, online eggs seem to be having a moment.