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Pix2Pix AI Transforms Drawings Into Terrifying Art

A new AI program transforms drawings into "photorealistic" art that will give your kid nightmares.

Ever glance a your kid’s stick figures, boxy houses, and wonder what they might look like if they had realistic color and shading? Once you look at the hilarious and horrifying results of an AI experiment, you won’t wonder any more. Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO created an Artificial Intelligence program called Pix2Pix, which takes simple line drawings and feeds them through a neural network that reinterprets them as photorealistic works of art. The only problem is that Artificial Intelligence isn’t great at creative pursuits just yet and so the results look like unholy monsters hocked out of the seventh circle of hell.

Just look at this stick figure’s spooky transformation.

Or this kitty cat’s freakish form:

Or this curly haired lady-demon.


The problem seems to lie in the fact that for Pix2Pix to create something beautiful, the artist’s original line drawing has to be really good to begin with. Without a proper template to work from, the program doesn’t know what to do. Still, the whole experiment is pretty impressive when you think about all the processes required — and pretty damn fun to mess around with. Who doesn’t want to see their doodle transform into a demented being? Kids will likely get a kick out of uploading their images with you, to see what their drawings would look like. Just…don’t do it that close to bed. This stuff is pure nightmare fuel.